Web Application Developer


Settings compliance ~ Development of a single tool to capture data, aggregate, & generate individualized notices, programming a custom macro to take 1000+ final notices to a mass email merge of PDF files using Adobe, Excel & Outlook. An additional tool was developed for compiling statistics & tracking the progress of the project for reporting. This includes documenting the process & training the both technical & non-technical team members. Time savings for team of 66%.
74% Efficacy improvement - Application Tracking System planned, executed & release data tracking system; write 60 pages of documentation to train cross functional team
Lead development of data reporting tools needed to provide statistical information at the state & national levels
Application Tracking System ~ Created an interim data tracking system using SharePoint to measure the time frames for processing applications. Trained co-workers in use of views & troubleshoot system as necessary as site admin. Team efficacy improvement 74%.


The company
Forward thinking
Profitable or high benefit to helping society or the environment with enough in funding to function well
Has an active future plan that includes revenue growth
Functions within budget
Includes staff in plans while forming not after choices are made
Actively seeks ideas and feedback from staff
Seeks to build not just small teams for certain functions but to bring whole group of teams into one large team demonstrating that each team has a purpose in the big picture
Explains the big picture and how everyone from the clerk and janitor contribute
The Boss
Fair but firm
Timely decision making later is not an option nor is crossing the bridge when we get there PROACTIVE PLANNING
Clear expectations and goal setting
Proactive work projects
Open door policy
Gets to know individuals on team including moods, likes and dislikes
Knows enough to do anyones job for a few days
The Job
Short, medium and long term project based
Variety of assignments
Set goals for each project with clear expectations of deliverables and timelines
Variety of new software to learn
Opportunity to teach and learn
Primarily computer based in software or programming or writing
$35+/hr ($60k+/yr)
Team getaways specifically to get to know other teams
Continuing education or conferences
If remote then flexible work hours based on timezones
Mat-Su Valley of Alaska
What I want
Computer based tracking systems that are up to date
Research and learning are highly encouraged
Support with projects when needed
Any down time can be used for classes and learning
Freedom to prioritize work within reason
Variety of tasks that make a difference
Ability to see where my work fits in
Short productive meetings
Tools to keep in touch such as chat and message boards in addition to email
Cross training in other teams and other jobs with or without the background for the job
Mobile tools for use when needed
Helps others mutually supportive
Power to do experiment and mess up within reason
Computer that has the power to keep up with multitasking

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

20 years

Startup Experience

1 year

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

no experience
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