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For Jobseekers

1. Post an Anonymous Profile

You can post multiple profiles and your contact details are kept 100% confidential.

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It's the employer who applies to you. You review the invitation and decide whether to accept.

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Once you reveal your contact details, the employer will get in touch with you and hire you for the role.

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With Mirajobs you can anonymously seek new opportunities without putting your current employment at risk. Knowing your BATNA, you can efficiently negotiate a better compensation and job conditions. You can always refer to the Expectations and Minimum Salary fields on your profile, which the employer applied to, in your negotiations. Learn more about how to use your BATNA in your career and how Mirajobs is different.

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How It Works

For Recruiters

1. Search

Search the database of passive job seekers and filter by experience, education, or keywords.

2. Get in Touch

Introduce yourself to the candidates. Contact them once they accept your invitation.

3. Hire

Process the candidates and hire the best ones for the job.

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Our mission is to change the way people change jobs. We believe that mutual cooperation between job seekers and hiring managers is key for long-term hires. Mirajobs provides an efficient tool to make it happen. The platform is 100% free for jobseekers.

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