How Mirajobs Works?

Peter, Anonymous Software Developer

Case Study

Peter is a Senior Software Developer.

He used to love his job, but now he wants to try a new role.

Peter doesn’t have time to browse job ads because he’s working hard on a database migration.

So, Peter creates his anonymous profile on Mirajobs. It only took 7 minutes of his time, while he was waiting for the migration script to complete :)

His current job is safe, because his boss and team-mates don't know that he is open for new opportunities.

Now, top tech employers apply to Peter. He reviews new proposals and only reveals his name and contact details to the interesting invitations.

Peter can now safely switch his job. He can also use new job offers to get a salary increase at his current company. As it is the employer who applies, Peter has a strong position in salary negotiations.

Do you deserve a salary raise?

Safe and secure job search

The Process

A jobseeker creates a brief anonymous CV that is called a profile.

It’s possible to create multiple profiles each tailored to a specific role, emphasizing relevant skills and experience.

Recruiters search through the jobseekers’ profiles and contact those who have the skills that match their needs. The jobseeker then either accepts or rejects the invitation. They can also ask a few clarification questions to the recruiter before making a decision.

When the jobseeker accepts an invitation, they reveal their name and contact details and are processed by a hiring manager as usual.

Legal Status

Recruiters and jobseekers use Mirajobs platform on a self-service basis.

Mirajobs holds a valid Employment Agency License.Mirajobs is a free resource supported by a group of volunteers.

To put it simple...

  • No risk
  • No discrimination in hiring
  • No fees
  • No reason not to try :)

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Mirajobs is 100% free for jobseekers and recruiters.

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