UI/UX Designer


I am a creative and ambitious individual with a good ability to create aesthetically pleasing and functional website designs. My desire to learn new things and improve every day allows me to find the best solutions for various tasks in web design.

I have a sense of proportion and color that allows me to create harmonious and effective designs. I love using my imagination and creativity to create unique and exciting web designs.

I am detail-oriented and a perfectionist, which ensures the high quality of my work. I am able to listen and understand the client's needs and turn them into a realized website idea. Although I have no direct web design experience, I am confident in my ability to quickly learn new tools and technologies to become an effective web designer.


Creative Process: As a web designer, I expect my work to be creative and inspiring. I want to create visually appealing websites, mobile applications and web services that are beautiful and functional and meet the needs and desires of users.

Productive Work: I expect to be able to work efficiently and effectively and to carry out my duties during the work day. Working in a supportive and collaborative team environment will help me achieve my best results.

Skill development: I expect that working as a web designer will give me the opportunity to continue learning and improve my skills. I want to learn from experienced colleagues and stay up to date with the latest technology and design trends.

Positive atmosphere: I expect to work in a positive and supportive workplace where colleagues encourage and support each other. This will help me feel comfortable and motivated to perform at my best.

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