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I am a seasoned Java Developer with a solid foundation in Java SE, extensive proficiency in a wide array of Java frameworks, and a proven track record of delivering robust software solutions. With over 4 years of hands-on experience, my expertise spans from low-level socket programming to high-level Spring Boot applications, encompassing a spectrum of technologies and tools.

Throughout my career, I've successfully architected and developed intricate systems, leveraging frameworks such as Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Security. My skillset extends to crafting RESTful APIs that enhance communication efficiency and bring about seamless interactions between modules. In addition, I am well-versed in secure coding practices, having implemented authentication and authorization systems using OAuth and JWT, bolstering application security and safeguarding user data.

My adeptness with various databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2, MariaDB, and Oracle, has enabled me to create efficient data storage solutions. I am dedicated to producing high-quality code and have a solid foundation in testing methodologies, utilizing JUnit, Mockito, and ArgumentCaptor for comprehensive unit testing.

Beyond my technical prowess, I have successfully navigated collaborative environments, leveraging Git and GitHub/GitLab for effective version control and teamwork. Furthermore, I have ventured into cloud development, crafting applications using AWS services and deploying them in Docker containers.

My career highlights include leading a team to deliver a complex Spring Boot-based microservices application ahead of schedule, securing applications with OAuth-based systems, and optimizing API performance to reduce response times. I take pride in my troubleshooting skills, having resolved critical production issues swiftly and efficiently.

With a strong grasp of software design principles and a diverse programming background encompassing languages like Groovy, Scala, Ruby, Kotlin, C, C++, and Python, I am prepared to contribute effectively to innovative projects that demand a deep understanding of programming paradigms, robust architecture, and meticulous attention to detail.


In my new role, I am looking forward to contributing my diverse skill set and expertise to drive innovation and create meaningful impact within the organization. I expect to be part of a collaborative team that values open communication, knowledge sharing, and a supportive work environment. I am excited to take on challenging projects that allow me to apply and further enhance my technical skills, as well as learn and grow professionally. I anticipate opportunities for continuous learning and skill development, whether it's through exposure to new technologies, participation in workshops, or pursuing relevant certifications. Furthermore, I hope to work in an environment that recognizes and rewards hard work, initiative, and creativity, while also fostering a healthy work-life balance. Overall, I am eager to contribute positively to the team's success while achieving personal and professional growth in return.

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