Testing Expert / QA Expert / Test Lead / Test Manager


Project Expert for Mathematical Modeling & SW Testing with 10+ years of experience.
Specialties: SW Testing, Mathematics, Electronics, Programming, Physics
Languages: English and Italian
Master Residential Electronics Engineer Licence.
Project Management (PMF) Certificate.
High Tech Engineering educational course at Olympia Electronics in Greece for Fire Detection Systems & Burglar Alarm Systems - Emergency Management.
Many international courses in Italia and Slovenia in domain of mathematical modeling and SW development.
High Tech SW Testing trainings done in Israel in Amdocs premises and training centers.
NATO 'Science for Peace and Security Program' engagement in the framework of the GEPSUS project (30 months).
Co-founder of MANT - Montenegrin Association for New Technologies
Very ambitious, precise, reliable, knowledgeable. The constant striving for perfection.
Increasing knowledge of mathematics and physics and explaining the characteristics of the environment, materials, electronic circuits, different systems with mathematical and physical disciplines.
Passionate about software testing of complex integrated systems.
Finished MSc degree program (Master) of Electronics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering at University of Montenegro
Projects engagements covered:
1. CT Montenegro - Senior SW Testing Engineer
2. POST Luxembourg - Senior SW Testing Engineer
3. K-Cell Kazakhstan - SW Testing Expert
4. Comcast Modesto Philadelphia USA - SW Testing Expert
5. Vodafone Vector UK - Triage & Defect Manager
6. Vodafone Ireland - Retail SW Testing Lead & Defect Manager
7. Magyar Telekom - Testing Expert
8. TIM Italy - Defect & Integration Manager
9. COSMOTE Greece - Testing Expert
Expert duties covered:
1. Oversee and perform test execution activities, building test plan designs, execution, reporting, tracking, managing.
2. Determine the proper prioritization of the testing activities and ensure integrative work and full coverage of test scenarios based on the test plan and observations from concurrent testing activities.
3. Collect and analyze system behavioral results in order to provide recommendations for issue resolution as well as for system optimization.
4. Define the execution test plan, scope and resources required.
5. Design test solutions to be implemented and executed in alignment with the planned scope and design coverage and customer needs/use.
6. Responsible to maintain and enhance of the professional and business relationship with the customer and internal stakeholders.
7. Act as a technical interface for team members and with other teams to resolve issues and communicate conclusions and recommendations.
8. Act as a mentor for new team members, leverage knowledge across test Implementations and projects, and defines best use/ reuse of testing tools and best practices.
9. Support and promote test efficiency and optimization initiatives.
10. Ensure that product documentation, test ware and work products used in the testing activities are of the highest quality to ensure traceability, correctness and compliance to both internal standards and client needs.
11. Oversees the execution of the units' yearly plans, QAP, efficiency goals and targets. Work with customers and relevant stakeholders, and regularly provides updates on project status, risks and opportunities.
Managerial duties covered:
1. Translates the business plan into more detailed work plans in order to achieve organizational and quality objectives as well as reach financial targets.
2. Continuously monitors and controls the test unit(s)/ project(s), providing leadership and formulating team strategy, implementing change to enlarge their unit(s) and overseeing the test strategy, design, execution and risk management to achieve missions and objectives.
3. Provides his/ hers unit(s) guidance and direction, monitors and evaluates talent's performance, and identifies opportunities for talent progression and promotion. 4.Works with employees to define career goals and plans, ensuring personal and organizational growth.
5. Identifies and plans necessary skills allocation and development, ensuring professionalism, productivity and effectiveness of test unit(s). Initiates development of training materials and tools and oversees the production of the work and workforce.
6. Leads and manages testing engagements, including budget and resources, customer relationships, timelines, deliverables, quality and overall management, whether for a specific project or on an ongoing basis.
7. Manages employee-company relations and related processes, including hire/retire decisions.
8. Drives and implement the units' improvement initiatives (e.g., QAP, LL). Defines, shares and monitors efficiency goals and targets, maintains cross Implementations view, and leverages and reuses best practices.
9. Builds and maintains the professional and business relationship with the client/ internal customer.
10. Acts as a trusted advisor. Enhances customer satisfaction by initiating value addition activities and builds business cases for test activities.
11. Serves as the focal point for testing project(s)/ accounts, working closely with internal and external units in both professional and business areas.
12. Ensures proper communication across teams and maintains independent communication with all stakeholders.
13. Effectively and routinely handles complex problem and conflict resolutions. Provides E2E integrative view, leading multiple interfaces for achieving overall goals and overcoming sticky points and obstacles.
Excellence Standards:
1. Professional Capabilities
2. Results and Customer Value
3. Builds High Performing Organization
4. Inspires and Engages Others
5. Demonstrates Visionary and Strategic Thinking
6. Leads and Owns Change
7. Promotes Collaborative Climate


1. Opportunity to work with the industry most advanced testing technologies and help customers shift into the new testing realities of the digital world.
2. Overall responsibility and authority for testing engagement with the customer. Identifying opportunities of growth and driving them to completion.
3. Opportunity to work in a growing organization, with ever growing opportunities for personal growth
4. Manage the testing engagements with customer, build and maintain customer relationships,
5. Work with the industry's most advanced testing technologies and have the opportunity to lead and introduce innovation

Work in Montenegro
Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD

Expected Hourly Rate

** USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

10 years

Startup Experience

5 years

Big-Tech Companies

10 years

Enterprise Experience

10 years
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