Tech Lead/ Tech Architect/ Principal Engineer


With more than 18 years of experience in designing, building software systems I have gained a strong set of skills to design and build software systems.
I am a Clean Code advocate and driver and have experience in all phases of SDLC from discovery to operation.
My experience is in server-side design and development using Java tech stack - mostly on Spring Core, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, REST, Kubernetes, and Micro Services. Starting with waterfall methodology during the initial phase of my career, I have now been working in an Agile environment along with TDD and pair programming for the past decade.
Experiences in various hands-on roles, like developer, Tech Lead, Technical Architect, and End End Architect with collaboration across cross-functional teams
I am also been interested in innovation and have suggested several ideas for the patent to a few of the companies I have worked with. One such idea has been filed for US Patent.
Having worked in countries like America, South Africa, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, India, Finland, Norway, and currently in the UK, I have experience of collaborating and leading teams operating across geographical locations with different ways of working and culture.
I have experience working in Banking, Insurance, Video On Demand, Betting & Gambling and Advertising domains.


I have vast experience working in different roles including technical architecture, end-to-end architect, Tech Lead, etc. Even though I have excelled in every role by delivering the highest quality, My self-observation has been that hands-on roles bring the best out of me. I enjoy technical and innovative discussions and I strive to learn new ideas and to hear about different perspectives to solve a given problem which makes me a keen listener and a great team player.
Though I am happy with my current role, I am open to hearing about roles that can offer a platform to grow technically and an open culture where innovation is encouraged in day-to-day work and a pragmatic approach is taken for the adaptation of the right tech stack.
My ideal job is where I feel excited to start my day and feel content with a sense of achievement by end of the day by having contributed to the company and learned something new.

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18 years

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6 years

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