Systems Engineer


Four plus years in Systems Engineering and Support. Here is a brief details of what I do usually and who I am.
Just another college dropout. Love fixing issues or try to. Mess around stuffs I don't really understand. Sometimes I try to figure out life (deep thinking and all). Zen-like calmness is my superpower. :)
My Personality: INTP-T (I don't say much unless I have to)
Strategy: Constant Improvement (I try to learn stuffs)
What do I do ? A bit of these!
- Windows
- Linux
- Azure IAAS
- VMWare
- Packer
- Terraform
- Ansible
- Powershell
- Microsoft Business Apps


A really nice culture, cool people and whole lot of learning. And don't worry about me. I work hard and smart.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

*,*00,000 INR / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

4 years

Startup Experience

3 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

4 years
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