Sr. System Engineer ( IT Team Lead)


Duties & Responsibilities:
Systems Administration
Installing workstations, servers, and handling Server Administration, network services and peripherals.
Maintaining the IT Infrastructure, encompassing installation, migration and configuration of network client workstations, managing Local and Domain wide groups.
Designing the Backup Strategy for the sites and ensuring scheduled/ unscheduled Backups as per backup plan and restoration.
Networking Projects
Managing IP allocation and ensuring minimal downtime of machines.
Installing and configuring the Hardware/ Software/ Servers, ensuring optimal performance.
Technical Support/ Troubleshooting
Conducting Periodic reviews with the customer and analyse calls and their trends to take proactive measures to reduce recurring problems.
Suggesting improvements in the operations and processes to make the system foolproof.
Facilities/ Infrastructure Management
Interacting with various vendors for sourcing products and solutions and for closure of calls of certain machines, which are supported by them.
Maintaining an Asset database for the customers and updating at regular intervals.
Supervising the maintenance and upkeep of software and hardware assets of the organization.


- To work for a company with System / Network engineering responsibilities, in a competing and challenging environment, where new ideas are appreciated & self initiatives are endorsed.
- To be an active, effective, and cooperative member of such organization
My Strong analyzing background, experience, my diverse activities & qualifications will be formed as a solid foundation for the above goal.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

13 years

Enterprise Experience

8 years
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