Software and Hardware Engineer


Designed, simulated, and produced a PCB for a position-agnostic wireless Qi charging system with custom charging algorithms in C++. Demonstrated position agnosticism that increased random placement charging efficiency by 10% and a two-fold increase in optimal placement locations per antenna on transmitter. Currently working on achieving full functionality of the charging platform, including data monitoring and display and simultaneous multiple device charging.
Used opencv and dlib in Python to train and demonstrate near-real-time face detection and recognition on an embedded system for on-the-fly verification of authorized individuals using video-equipped UAV monitors.
Designed, created, and managed large, complex in-memory databases & real-time data analysis tools for real-time fraud detection with Sparksee and Python. Evaluated and benchmarked novel computational methods across MySQL, Sparksee, and NoSQL databases and integrated core functionality with a Node.js web server and AngularJS dashboard for customer demonstrations.
Implemented a network-independent, in-place network mapping algorithm capable of determining expected service latency and producing a probability of dependency between two machines based on netflow data from nfdump and sysmon. Verified on simulated data created using MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and Apache HTTP Server, achieving low rates of false-negative and false-positive identification at network-optimized thresholds.


I expect to learn the latest exciting technologies, tackle challenging problems, and gain valuable experience and mentorship. I've always enjoyed tackling cross-disciplinary problems, and am well-versed in both the software and hardware aspects of engineering.

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**,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

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1 year

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no experience

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no experience

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1 year
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