Software Engineering Manager


I started out (2000-2003) building/improving nucleotide sequence processing/analysis pipelines (and related things) for high-throughput sequencing projects. From 2003-2008 I led small teams to do more of this for even larger projects. From 2008-2012 I led a team maintaining the web site/application supporting an international research consortium. From 2012-2019 I worked for a large agency on a wide variety of projects for clients large and small. Prior to COVID I was developing the back end for a customized LMS system, and since, have developed payment integrations for a web retail system.
My main technical "ecosystem" is modern PHP frameworks, especially Symfony Framework. I have a certain level of AWS knowledge (enough to get the Cloud Practitioner certification). I have a strong focus on code quality and on the ongoing management of technical debt. I have a strong track record of estimating well and of leading projects to completion on time and on budget.


I am looking for a collaborative work environment that tries to avoid "groupthink" and where different development roles are not "siloed"; an organization managed by people that appreciate the ongoing need to evaluate and manage technical debt; a group that is truly "agile" -- meaning, it strives to minimize unnecessary process. A true team, of people who respect each other and seek out each others' points of view. I am not specifically looking for remote opportunities but I do want a certain level of work/life balance and flexibility regarding where and when I do my work. My passion is helping to solve the "business problems" more than it is the technical details of the solution.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**5,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

21 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

10 years
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