Software Engineer, (Front-End/Back-End)


My interests lie in software development and web technologies. So far I have Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP, C/C++ under my belt. I have worked with Flask to create web applications and I am planning to learn Node.js and React to improve my web application skills. I have fairly used cloud technologies such as Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, with autoscaling, and EC2; IBM cloud and MS Azure to create web apps for information processing and retrieval. I have also used Keras and openCV libraries for course work in Neural Networks and Computer Vision respectively. I have trained models with various datasets such as MNIST and CIFAR-10 to make predictions. I have used MySQL and MongoDB for data storage. As for data manipulation and analysis/visualization, I have worked with pandas, Google charts and matplotlib. I'm always open to learning new frameworks, languages or principles.
I work hard, get better at whatever I'm doing and always find a way to get things done. My persistence and perseverence are the most notable qualities I have. It has everything to do with how I solve problems in the software industry. I have always had a keen interest in learning and the technology world has no limits. Finding innovative solutions and delivering it is what I do.
I still have a long way to go and if we can get further ahead together, let's get in touch.
Learning never stops.


Opportunities to learn and grow.

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**,000 USD / year

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