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Hello, and thank you to all who take the time out of their day to read this post.
I was recently let go from my job as a Software Engineer at a small startup due to funding issues. I worked mainly on the front end, extensively expanding and modifying a very fledgling code base, but occasionally worked with server side code and was active across the stack. I used strictly-typed React with Hooks, Redux, Typescript, Loopback, Mongo, and numerous open source and in-house libraries daily.
Prior to that I taught and mentored software engineering students at Hack Reactor's Seattle Campus, and worked in web design for a local government.


Having worked remote for two employers for the better part of this year, I have found that communication has been the largest hurdle for workplaces to overcome.
I would very much appreciate to work with an environment that prizes frequent, robust, and healthy conversations.
I enjoy working with agile methodologies as I feel like they create a conduit for active dialog, however I am also fully capable of working individually or with a small team as long as there are regular and active discussions with management/project managers.

Work in United States
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**0,000 USD

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Total Professional Experience

2 years

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1 year

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