Software Engineer


I'm a problem solver. I love to dig into deep and complex problems, think strategy at the deepest levels, puzzle things out and arrive at a solution. Even in my free time, you can find me completing toy problems in javascript, doing puzzles like sudoku or crosswords, or playing overwhelmingly complex board and card games. I don't find anything quite as satisfying as breaking down these complex and enigmatic puzzles into bite-size pieces and eventually arriving at a solution.
On a team, I can fill any role that needs to be filled. From the leader, to the one coming up with solutions, to the one who puts his head down and grinds just to get the job done. After all, an empty role is nothing but another problem that needs to be solved. I can be extremely collaborative and personable, but am also more than comfortable working autonomously on my own projects.
I have enjoyed many years working in the hospitality and food/bar service industry. I've filled every position you can think of: dishwasher, busser, server, line-cook, prep-cook, bartender, and assistant general manager. This experience gives me many insights into customer service and consumer perception, as well as how a business should (or shouldn't!) run from the bottom all the way to the top. As much as I enjoyed my years in the food and bar industry, in 2020 I made the switch to software development and I'm not looking back!
Software engineering and development is a great source for puzzles and complex problems, all of which can be broken down line-by-line and solved. That problem might be optimizing an existing service to be able to handle more users, making a tangled mass of data take up less space, setting up a service to give users what they want more quickly, or even figuring out how to build something completely new and unique. In any case, I am excited to take on that challenge and solve that problem.


I am looking for an opportunity to showcase my technical, problem-solving, and creative skills in a way that solves real-world problems and leads to new and exciting products or developments. I want a position that pushes me to learn while giving me opportunities to interact with people who have very different experiences than my own. I'm looking for a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and growth.

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