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As an experienced Software Development Engineer (SDE), I have been honing my skills and gaining valuable experience working at Amazon. I have a diverse set of skills and have been responsible for developing a wide range of services and APIs. I am well-versed in many technologies and have a strong understanding of the software development process. Recently, I was affected by layoffs, however, I am now looking for new opportunities to continue growing my career. I hold a Masters degree in Data Science from the University of Rochester, which has provided me with a strong foundation in data analysis and modeling. I am excited to apply my skills and experience to a new organization and make a meaningful impact in the field of software development.


I have been working as an SDE in Amazon and I was affected by recent layoffs. I have experience in developing various services, APIs and well versed with many technologies.

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2 years

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no experience

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1 year

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no experience
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