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As a software engineer with experience working at Twitch and Amazon, I have developed a solid technical background in designing and implementing distributed systems and data pipelines. At Twitch, I was responsible for developing an internal data catalog for a decentralized data lake spanning over 100 Redshift clusters and 100 petabytes, providing metadata management, data governance, and data discovery to stakeholders. I also developed and maintained data pipelines ingesting, processing, and storing over 2 million events per second of real-time data events. At Amazon, I helped design and implement distributed systems for collecting and processing data from multiple sources. I owned the design, development, and maintenance of metrics, reports, and dashboards, driving key business decisions with critical data.

In addition to my work experience, I have made significant contributions through personal projects. As an engineering manager at Terraview, I discovered and processed over 100GB of public and commercial data sources to develop risk models that provided actionable advice to the viticulture industry, resulting in a 20% decrease in crop loss due to weather events. I also managed a team of 5 engineers, increasing productivity by implementing agile methodologies and effective project management.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a strong proficiency in various programming languages such as Python, Golang, C/C++, and Java. I am also experienced in utilizing technologies such as Redshift, Lambda, Kinesis Streams, EC2/ECS, Cloud Formation, and Terraform, and databases such as MySQL, DynamoDB, Postgres, and MongoDB.


As a highly skilled software engineer, I am seeking a new job opportunity that challenges me intellectually, provides ample opportunity for professional growth, and allows me to work on meaningful projects that positively impact society. I am looking for a role where I can apply my technical skills and experience to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions while working in a collaborative environment with like-minded individuals. Additionally, I value work-life balance and a positive company culture that fosters creativity, diversity, and inclusion. I seek a role that allows me to continue learning, growing, and making a meaningful impact in my field.

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