Software Engineer


Currently i am pursuing bachelors degree in computer science. I aim to be Software Developer with a strong passion of improving myself and adding value to other's life using my code. During my college i have worked on various technologies and my tech stack includes React, django, wordpress, and some of my projects are online quiz system, redesigning netflix website, library management system, international conference website.
In one of my projects i have done a successful research in detecting grayhole attacks in Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector(AODV) routing protocol and have also proposed an effective method to mitigate this attack and have published a research paper for the same.
Throughout my college i have worked at frontend as well as backend but i found out that frontend stuff really fascinates me. I really love to design such websites which improves user's experience.


To gain my job field knowledge and experience as much as i can.

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*,*00,000 INR / year

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