Software Engineer


I have ten years experience in project management/accounting and two years experience as a software engineer. At Blok Party, I was responsible for all front-end projects (including back-end in some cases) where I integrated new technologies such as Vue, React, and Node into our stack. Aside from building new projects, part of my responsibilities was to maintain all web projects including our parent companys main website Contact working daily with our back-end APIs, and maintaining the health of the web codebase as a whole. I work daily on improving my skills with aspirations of becoming a tech lead in the future.


I just want to code :) However I can use my skills to help my new company, I'm in!

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD

Expected Hourly Rate

** USD/hr

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

12 years

Startup Experience

1 year

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

2 years
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