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Turing School of Software and Design is an intensive backend program with an emphasis on objected-oriented programming and database- backed web applications. Focused on test-driven (development) and proper workflow, using GitHub, project organization systems, and agile methodologies. Shipped code for 16 projects (individual, pair, and group) in 7 months, rounding out a project-based curriculum.
- In addition to its rigorous technical curriculum, Turing has also taught me about developer empathy and how I can contribute to a culture in tech where people of all identities and experiences feel welcome.

NPSG Global delivers critical e-fulfillment warehouse implementation services, from design consultation, to technical integration, to build out, to retrofits providing facility operators maximum site efficiencies.
- Gained experience from 3+ departments and observed complex manufacturing plant, advanced equipments and customized products


A place to learn and grow as a human being. Has a 30/60/90 day plan for me. Possibly a mentorship program. Extensive Tech Stack. A company culture of collaboration and progress. An inclusive\diverse body of workers, managers and bosses. Focused on customer needs and empathetic to all user base.

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