Software Engineer


Sorting Visualizer | Software Engineer
Dec 2020 Jan 2021
California, United States
Created a sorting visualizer of the most common sorting algorithm, such as bubble sort, quick sort, and merge sort.
Technologies Used: ExpressJS, NodeJS, React, React Hooks.
- Created a UI, enabling users to visualize various sorting algorithms using React
- Optimized algorithm visualization by asynchronously managing state for component re-renders
BearTnT | Backend Engineer
Nov 2020 Dec 2020
Employment Duration2 mos
California, United States
BearTnT is a web-based rental application. I built out the backend, using performance statistics and comparison to optimize database query times and then horizontally scale the system to handle a rising number of requests per second.
Technologies Used: ExpressJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, New Relic, K6, EC2,, NGINX
-Horizontally scaled backend of a legacy project for production to achieve high availability and reliability using AWS EC2
-Increased lookups time efficiency by 500% by modifying query logic and indexing on PostgreSQL
-Improved user experience during high network load by reducing response time from 600ms to 60 ms using Nginx as load balancers
NearMiss | Full Stack Engineer
Oct 2020 Nov 2020
California, United States
NearMiss is a retail sales application that utilizes micro-service architecture to provide product details, photos, ratings, shipping info, related items, and product-specific questions/answers; It was efficiently built by a small team while adhering to AGILE methodologies.
Technologies Used: ExpressJS, MySQL, ReactJS, NodeJS, Jest, EC2, Webpack, Babel, Styled-Components
- Leveraged React, Express, and MySQL to employ a highly engaging user experience
- Managed and coordinated deliverables by implementing Agile workflow
- Combined all microservices on to one web page using a proxy server and deployed using AWS EC2


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