Software Engineer


*Currently Serving notice period and looking out for a job.
Contact has a *great breadth* of technology stack with a deep hunger to learn more.
His problem-solving skills, speaking skills, sense of empathy, technical skills, and professional experience make him a great team player and a valuable employee.
He is proficient with -
* Backend - Python(with flask micro-framework), Node.js with Express.js framework (follow both MVC & Microservices architecture)
* Frontend - Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, SCSS, CSS Selectors, Flex understanding
* Database - MongoDB, MySQL, ORM's
* Scripting - Google Apps Script (GAS),
* Strong Programming Languages - C++, JavaScript
* Good Git skills
* A strong believer of DevOps, SRE, and writing robust, easy to maintain software
* Firm follower of Agile Scrum methodology - how teams and clients collaborate
* He knows the importance of 365 feedback and love to act on the feedback received
Other tools he has worked on in production -
* Deployment - AWS (EC2, S3)
* Web Server - Nginx
* Process Manager - PM2
* Multiplatform tunneling - Ngrok
Latest tech skills he is grasping:
Front-end - React.js
Back-end - FastApi framework
Data Processing - ElasticSearch
His Open Source contribution and Weekends Programming Hobby -
* Github Profile: Contact


Proficient Skills: Node.js / Python / MySQL / NoSQL(MongoDB) / JavaScript / ORM's / Google Apps Script (GAS) / Microservices / Firebase
Familiarity Skills: React.js, MobX, Docker

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

*,*00,000 INR / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

2 years

Startup Experience

2 years
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