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I am a Full-stack developer with professional expertise in the field of web development with python and javascript. I have a strong passion for web technologies.I have more than 1-year of professional experience in Front-end Development. And, I can write clean, well-documented, and modular code and have done many projects with Python, Django, Django REST Framework, JavaScript, and ReactJS with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, and Styled Components. I have the core concepts of it and how it works. I worked with the version control system (Git) and can design UI using Figma/PSD and convert it to code. I am proficient in speaking and writing English. However, I can assure you that I am a quick learner, adaptive, and energetic person.


Front end was once effectively only markup. HTML and CSS aren't programming languages. Yes, to react to a button you'd throw in a bit of JavaScript, but I suspect that the entire concept of copy-and-paste developers originated from front end developers doing exactly that.

Markup isn't programming. The level of complexity you might face when designing a backend-rendered or static web site was strictly limited.

For a while, jQuery became a major component of front end development, and the complexity went upslightly. It still was possible to copy and paste every component you needed, and it was still mostly being assembled via easy to understand markup with its limited complexity.

Don't get me wrong: You certainly could create more complex front end apps with those tools. But they didn't force you to utilize that much sophistication.

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1 year

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1 year

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1 year
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