Software Engineer


Graphic Design 4/2017-10/2017
Freelance | Lahore, Pakistan
Co-designed 2D assets for Ludo Challenge (Website) mobile game.

Teachers Assistant; CS 2/2018-12/2018
University of Management & Technology | Lahore, Pakistan
Aided in grading and tutoring for 400 undergraduate students and 10 graduate students in; Programming Fundamentals, Introduction to Computing, Structures & Algorithms, and M.A. Robotics.

Unity Game Developer Intern 6/2018-1/2019
TechByteCorp | Lahore, Pakistan
Worked on many different projects published under Octa Games Studio/Ultimate Game Studio on Playstore.
Fully Developed Grand Mafia City Gangster Street Crime using company assets and resources.
Worked on numerous other projects like Critical Sniper Assault Shooting Arena, Anti Terrorist Heli Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin, US Army Train Hijack: Helicopter Rescue Operation, Unreleased and Discontinued Parachute Game, etc. by Octa Games Studio.
And Winter Modern Strike Call of Warfare Combat 2018, Deep Blue Sea Shooting and others by Ultimate Game Studio.
Created 2D Assets and 3D textures for games.

Referee, Graphic Designer 1/2019-5/2019
Campus Recreation, NEIU PE Complex | Chicago, IL
Officiated Basketball games. Designed flyers for promotion and handed the social media platforms for Campus Rec.

Volunteer Software Engineer 8/2018-Present
YandereDev | Remote
Developing games for YandereDev (Game Designer of Yandere Simulator/Love Sick).

Volunteer IT manager 8/2020-Present
Olympus Property management | Remote
Learned and understood the Buildium system.
Organized and managed technical issues.
Was the go-to problem solver for OPM.

Volunteer Property Manager 8/2020-Present
Olympus Property management| Remote
Managed client complaints.
Worked with potential clients.
Proposed strategies, ideas and solutions, to increase efficiency of OPM.

Project Leadership
University of Management & Technology
| Lahore, Pakistan 12/2016-12/2018
Lead Developer/Graphic Designer
Initialized work on a university invested robot tour guide/teacher stand-in along with a professor in a group setting.
( Contact
Developed a pathfinding algorithm with BW image and user input.
Developed an Instant Messenger Chatroom with 100+ client capability.
Coded a self-parking robot car using Arduino UNO.
Developed a Database Management System using Heaps, AVL trees, and hashing.
Designed a mobile game capable of handling tens of thousands of data using databases.
Vice President of UMTech club/society. Hosted Coding Competitions and created the questions to solve during the competition.

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU)
| Chicago, IL 1/2019-5/2019
Lead Developer/Graphic Designer
Developed an IoT ecosystem using High-level Architecture (Edge & Thing), Arduino UNO, and NRF24L01 radio modules with peers.
Developed a Scratch game Save the Cats along with homemade Makey Makey game controller with Art majors. ( Contact
Developed a Rumba AI
Designed FPS UI using HCI techniques with a diverse group of people.

Indie | Locally 8/2020-8/2020
Lead Developer/Creator
Created a rudimentary counter and timer system for a private client.

Indie | Locally 6/2018-present
Lead Game Developer/Creator
Learning: Created Terrain, worked with canvas, collision, animation, instantiate, invoke, enumerations, and NavMesh in Unity.
Full games: (Website)
Simple Zombie Shooter. My Art Studio 2D (Indefinite Hiatus).
Block-Dodge-Game. Unnamed 2020 Horror Game(In progress).
Curve Fever Replica. Flying 2D Shooter game (In progress).
Parachute Game.


With my experience, education, and fast learning capabilities, I believe I can provide for your company with this position. I can bring new ideas to the table, solve problems, execute my own or other's design, and adapt to whatever program or engine that your company is currently utilizing. I would love to further discuss this position in more detail and look forward to hearing from you. My website is currently in progress. Please contact me through email for screenshots/videos of the projects that I have listed.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

3 years

Startup Experience

1 year

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

no experience
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