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When I was building the test suite for my job, I did not know what to do in terms of how the data flow was like in the API routing interaction between different data model. There were FKeys constraints that my boss had implemented and he basically allowed me to explore the legacy code base myself. I took the time to draw a map so I can conceptualize the data flow in how a model interacts with each other. For example, a pharmacy would have several different healthcare sites associated (one to many relationship), healthcare sites would have their own dispensing kiosk ( one to many), prescribers would have a many to many relationships with the healthcare sites. But essentially, I did not know how to test the functionality of how the machine is able to find the next available slot for the prescription to be stored in the machine. I had to explore the codebase and trace back each pertaining environment I had to set up and the relations that it would have in order to have a functional testing environment to continue. I eventually finished up the suite within two days of assigned time due to a deadline I had to meet and was able to achieve that dead line. Having that rush of relief and gratifcation of bypassing the bugs and completing the test suite is a good motivational feeling because it gives me positive reinforcement that my efforts to an interested cause is not at waste. Another aspect of software engineering is how progressive the field is. Technology is ever increasingly intergrating with our society and I want to be apart of that continuous intergration of progress.


A place where I can continously keep improving my skillset as a software engineer. A place where I can recieve autonomy and expect guidance when needed. I want my boss/manager to have a positive influence on my continously improving foundation of my software engineering career.

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