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Dear Recruiter,
I am a masters student at Virginia Tech, pursuing a degree in the field of Computer Engineering. I am an innovative, tenacious, and a curious person who is looking for opportunities to acquire new skills. I finished my undergrad from the Vellore Institute of Technology, India. To improve my skills to get them on par with my peers, I started attending many workshops where seniors taught about different programming languages such as Java and taught how to build systems using Arduino. Due to my dedication to learning more and the skills gained from these workshops, I got selected in 2 most prominent student bodies in the University Creation Labs (maker-space) and IEEE-VIT. These were student-run bodies that worked on a lot of industry-funded projects, International competitions, etc. They taught me a lot of new things and provided me opportunities to work on great projects.
In Creation Labs, I was an electronic core member in the Team RoverX. We had participated in the European Rover Challenge which was held in Poland and secured 12th position all over the world from among 68 participating teams. We had built a Rover that could perform certain pre-defined tasks and had to be controlled wirelessly from a closed room. During this project, I learned about Raspberry PI, taught myself coding in Python and I used these skills to build the wireless video transmission for the Rover and also set up a database that stored the readings of all the sensors on Rover. Due to my skills, I was awarded the Special Achievers award by my university and was also selected to represent my university in an International hack-a-thon that was held in Boston. I was amongst the top 8 finalists in the hack-a-thon. I have worked on many other Projects such as Driver Drowsiness Detection System (A low-cost prototype for a system to wake up a driver in case he is drowsy), Device Monitoring system (System to maintain a database of all the usage of devices for efficient usage), etc.
My skills and knowledge have exponentially improved since I have been to Virginia Tech. I have learned about many advanced engineering topics such as multi-threaded programming in JAVA, Deep Learning using Python, Hardware-Software Codesign, etc. I have worked on many projects such as Traffic Sign Recognition and categorization (We used German Traffic Sign database and produced an accuracy of approximately 97%), Parallelizing Travelling Salesman Problem using genetic algorithm, Facial Emotion recognition using Capsule Networks, Predicting Stock prices using News, etc. Today, I am proficient at Python, Intermediate in Java, Intermediate in Object-Oriented Programming, Intermediate in Data Structures and algorithms, and have good knowledge in C/C++.


The only expectation that I have from my new job is to get to work on novel problems that will facilitate the growth of my technical skills and help me move forward in my career.

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