Software Developer / Senior Analyst Programmer


Full time professional software developer for 12 years,with a sound dedications and responsibilities for new customer system development, system re-engineering and enhancements, and innovations.

Successfully developed and implemented a data parsing application for global electronic data interface messages (EDI) such as CUSRES, CUSDEC, 214, 856, x12 EDIFACT, and some other global shipment messages.
Successfully developed and implemented robot process automation (RPA) and program scripts for warehouse, overseas channel department, and air cargo branches to eliminate manual verification of flight status for arrival and departure during airway bill update.
Successfully developed and implemented application automation in accounting department to handle invoice posting to SAP system.
Successfully developed and implemented in-house application for warehousing management system (WMS).
Successfully developed and implemented customer systems for warehouse production line.
Successfully developed and implemented application automation for customer system, process re-engineering, improvement, and innovation.
Provided supports warehouse users in SIT and UAT Testing.
Developed and implemented in-house financial application and system enhancements for Core Retail Banking (RBK) and Global Time Deposits (GTD) for core interest computations.
Successfully developed and implemented new module under Core Retail Banking for the Over-limit charging, Annual Overdraft Fee, as well as Monthly Segment Fee mandated by Singapore Government.
Successfully development and implemented in-house application for China CNAPS module under Core Retail Banking as mandated by China Government.
Successfully developed and implemented barcode centralization system in all 4 plant sites at different geographical locations across the Manila area.
Successfully developed and implemented data migration API for electronic data interchanges to feed base systems.


I would expect to learn new technology, new system, and disrupted innovations to gain more knowledge which in return, becoming someone that the company can rely on. Along the way, there might be some slight learning curve which is manageable and can be addressed easily with the right trainings along with my full dedication towards excellence.

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**,000 USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

12 years

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no experience

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

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no experience
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