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I currently have a solid background in software engineering and technology consulting, with a bachelors degree from
Cornell University in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics, as well as immense research experience and technology consulting experience.

As a Software Engineer and Technology Consultant at Keystone Strategy, I had the
opportunity to work on cutting-edge technological projects involving Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning, analysis of large-scale datasets, and digital transformation strategy for
industry-leading companies. Through this experience, I have gained expertise in the software
development life cycle (SDLC), project management, and in the usage of data analysis and
visualization tools. I have also developed a strong understanding of programming with Python
and Java, and have honed my ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to both
technical and non-technical audiences.

As a Computer Science major at Cornell University, my coursework provided me with a strong
foundation in computer science theory, algorithms, and data structures. Pursuing a minor in
Mathematics, I completed a course on advanced probability theory, which has given me a
deeper understanding of statistical modeling and inference. These courses have equipped me
with the technical skills necessary to analyze complex data and draw meaningful insights from
them. In addition to my coursework, I've had the opportunity to work on various innovative
research projects at Cornell. One particular project involved extending a mathematical model
of Reinforcement Learning, while another assignment with one of the leading experts in
aeronautical engineering focused on developing a Machine Learning algorithm for spacecraft
navigation, and building a space simulator in Unity using the C# programming language to test
the algorithm. These experiences have not only helped me to develop my research capabilities,
but also my ability to effectively collaborate with stakeholders across diverse teams and


I, unfortunately, was recently laid off from my position at Keystone Strategy. I'm currently looking for a new position in which I can continue to learn, and grow within my career. Additionally, I'm looking for a supportive team in which I can grow with!

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**,000 USD

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1 year

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