Software Developer


Twenty years ago I got a Bachelor's Degree in Religion, which I used to tend bar for 15 years, most of which I loved. When it became time to move on, went back to school and transitioned to Substance Abuse Counseling, which ate me alive in short order. I was fortunate to fall into photography, which I have been doing since the late 1900's. When the pandemic shut down my photo business, I looked for a way to solve brain puzzles for a living. So here I am, digging in on my fifth and final career.


I expect to be challenged by my employer to learn new technologies and refine my understanding of old, to contribute to the team, and to work with others who are enthusiastic about technology.
I expect my employer to support my ongoing education, as I continue to grow as a developer and human.

Employment Preferences
Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

1 year

Startup Experience

no experience

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

1 year
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