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I am currently a 3rd student at the University of Guelph, open to look for intern opportunities. I pride myself in my ability to quickly grasp new concepts, and my extraverted personality. As of right now, I have experience with C and Python as well as some experience with Java. So far in my studies, I learned how to handle data bases, use libraries, had some minor web dev experience, design an application for a community partner, as well as I am currently helping a team of 30 or so other students work on the creation of a Hackathon for GryphHacks. These are just the things that came to mind.


I am looking for an opportunity to learn more skills on the job, as well as potentially gain a future career opportunity. To simply put it, I am looking for good, solid experience that will help me better myself both currently as a student, and in the future is a software developer.

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