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Software Developer - Convergent Manufacturing Technologies
We make composites process modelling software for aerospace contractors.
- Developed mathematical modelling, data visualization and UI/UX components for composites process modelling software suite
- Participated in product architecture design for the next major version (V4) of RAVEN with guidance and mentorship from principal engineers. Provided valuable input around architectural issues in the existing, legacy code (V3)
- Designed and implemented significant portions of the V4 GUI
1D Thermal Profile App - Enables user to set up a 1D "drill-through" simulation of a composite material as it cures, and view plots of simulation results, via desktop app or web app. I worked on the desktop and web front-ends. Tech stack: Python, NumPy, Matplotlib, wxPython, Flask, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap
Parametric Study App - Enables the user to enter parameter values for many finite element simulations at once, and choose which plots they want to see. It processes the output data, generates and displays the requested plots. I designed and built the UI, and worked on data processing and data visualization. Tech stack: Python, NumPy, Matplotlib, wxPython
T Dynamic Template - Generates a mesh for simulating a T-shaped assembly based on user inputs, and formats the mesh and other input data for the finite element analysis engine. I was responsible for mesh generation, data formatting, updating the UI, and integrating the new template into the legacy codebase. Tech stack: Python, NumPy, NetworkX, wxPython


I'm looking for relatively stable remote work, with good mentorship and lots of opportunities to learn. I'd especially love to work on something scientific that makes the world a better place.

Work in Canada
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**,000 CAD

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** CAD

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4 years

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no experience

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no experience

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3 years
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