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From an early age (about 10-11), I was focused on computers and electronics at the technical level. When my mother brought home our first family computer, she was shocked to find it in pieces the next day. I was excited to learn and improve the computer's capabilities, just as I'd been tinkering with electronics components to produce various motorized gizmos and lighting appliances. This passion led to me to learning a lot from direct experience. Thanks for your patience, Mom! :)
I was employed at my father's restoration company for a number of years in different capacities, including trades and also in project & IT management. There was a period of about a year where I focused on developing custom LOB software for the company. During those years in my teens and early 20's, I started to learn how business requirements and software design intersect. The software I built there was one of my first major technical successes because the PM team used it for about 10 years! I also generally always had some game-related or communication-related programming hobby-projects going on in my free time.
In 2010, I realized that my career in disaster restorations was not motivating me. I decided to take a deeper dive into the world of software; working on BlackBerry & Android apps for a manufacturer, and then as the lead web-developer for an e-Ticketing solution for event-promoters. I landed a few more niche web-development positions, including developing for the most popular vegan/vegetarian food-finder site in the world,
In January 2017, I started a great developer gig at QHR Technologies and I had a lot of fun there due to the large (~300) staff roster. I had been offered positions with a couple different teams and chose the more niche team, which was called "Data & Reporting" at the time. In this position, I learned about the architectures used for enterprise business analytics and I gained respect as a keen developer who would dive into any problem.
In mid-2018, I had been getting curious about software architecture and taking on higher responsibilities with design. QHR was just starting to build their architecture team and I enthusiastically moved to a new role as an "application architect". I found great new outlets for my passions with software design there, including many leadership opportunities. I was a key stakeholder in all of QHR's healthcare (EMR-EHR) integration projects, including requirements refinement with the various Canadian health authorities. This experience in software architecture and the healthcare industry was truly inspirational, and I look forward to fostering software architecture principles in whatever role comes next!


I'm looking for a software architecture role or architecture-heavy engineering management role in which I can foster architecture principles and lead software implementers and business stakeholders to maintainable, scalable, reusable and successful designs. As an experienced architect, developer and manager, I expect to be a leader and be empowered to cover organizational gaps in education and experience. A true culture of innovation and mature, holistic culture of product ownership and agile development are important to me. If there are opportunities to advocate for users (i.e. medical patients or providers in the healthcare industry), then that would be a bonus. I also lean towards finding an organization that embraces work-life balance, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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