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For over 20 years as a software technical writer, I have mastered new products and tools in diverse industries, such as data storage and security, healthcare, and e-commerce. Producing accurate and user-friendly documentation is second nature. Close collaboration with developers, test engineers, and other team members is fulfilling. I like the people in high tech. They are my people.

A recent win was learning how to use developer tools like GitHub, the Atom text editor, and Markdown to publish documentation to a static website. I wrote for internal and external audiences. Internal stakeholders, such as sales managers and level 3 technical support engineers lauded my work for its clarity in explaining difficult concepts for a cloud system that intercepts and processes internet traffic for applications.

In a previous technical writer position, the online help was compiled with the software and integrated into the source code for the web application. As such, I hand-coded the HTML for the help, using codes from the web application source code to conditionalize the text and display product, brand, and other names. I was unfamiliar with HTML when I started. Knowing HTML has been useful when authoring the website content for a nonprofit that I ran.

I can get the job done because I am a documentation expert who has the skills, experience, and tenacity to delve into new products and industries and create successful content.

If you want someone low-maintenance who is creative, can manage their own work and meet deadlines, and pro-actively define what needs to get done, I should be on your short list. If you are looking for an excellent senior technical writer, let's talk.


In my ideal next position, I would create software documentation at a company where I could be an integral part of the team, contribute throughout the development process, and delve into the products. I am comfortable serving as an individual contributor, team leader, or sole writer. I can create new documentation or maintain existing documentation.

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**,000 USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

20 years

Startup Experience

12 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

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14 years
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