Senior Software Engineer


I've got over a decade of software engineering experience under my belt, with focus on system design & architecture, and microservices.
I can talk about software development even if you wake me up in the middle of the night.

Also, I've been part of the crypto space as a user since 2015 and as a professional for the past 3 years. Have worked on various projects, from DeFi and NFT to platforms for processing crypto payments.
I've worked on and deployed to mainnet multiple Smart Contracts written in Solidity.

Combining my backend and blockchain experience, I believe I'll have lots to contribute to the team already from day 1!


I'm looking for a place to work together with some energetic people, passionate about the products and projects they build. A work environment where there are people from whom I can learn and get motivation to get better at what I do, with every day. I am passionate about server-side and Blockchain technologies.

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**0,000 USD

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10 years

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10 years

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