Senior Software Engineer



TPS Quota Management Framework: involved in the design and implementation of a sophisticated solution which moderates all outgoing calls to 3P systems for retrieving package updates while respecting the TPS limitations of external systems. The system is targeted at improving the scan ingestion latency of 15-20 % of Amazons fulfillment volume which spans billions of packages per year and caters to millions of customers. It operates at over 1000 TPS during peak volume and is able to improve the latencies from 50+ hours to single digits. The system can distinguish between packages based on their probability to surface a new scan event in the near future and schedule package tracking accordingly using a decision tree based priority scoring algorithm.

API Scheduler and Priority Queue: devised a highly available and fault tolerant Priority Queue implementation using AWS DynamoDB. It selects the highest priority packages which have greater probability to surface a critical scan in near future relative to others. The API Scheduler is based on a Producer-Consumer approach. The UoW for the Scheduler is to execute scheduling jobs for each onboarded 3P carrier at a fixed interval and sits at the core of TPS quota management.


Senior/Staff Backend Engineering IC roles involving large scale distributed systems with broad scope and customer impact.

Employment Preferences
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
Expected Base Salary

**,000,000 INR

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

7 years

Startup Experience

4 years

Big-Tech Companies

2 years

Enterprise Experience

5 years
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