Senior Software Developer


I help develop products with a focus on quality. I have been working in the software industry for 17 years. I am currently working as a Senior Developer, but in the past my curiosity led me to hold positions as Project Manager, Business Analyst and QA. This breadth of skills allows me to think about the end user when writing software, fill in the gaps in the team where needed and have a product-centric mindset.

Lately my focus has been on the React ecosystem (for the last 3 years). About 8 years ago I was fortunate to transfer to the management track after working nearly 10 years as a developer and have learned a lot. I am very passionate about technology and found it hard to completely distance myself from writing code and creating things. So here I am back on the Individual Contributor track, but with a mindset of QA, BA and PM.

In my current position I am writing in Javascript (e.g. TS, React, Gatsby, Next.js, AWS) and I love working mainly on the frontend. I am focused on code quality, automation tests, security and continuous learning.


Opportunity to write code everyday + lead a product in collaboration with the rest of the team.

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**0,000 AUD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

17 years

Startup Experience

8 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

9 years
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