Senior Ruby on Rails Full-Stack Developer


The right person which can maintain, adapt and improve your systems bringing cost-effective, secured and tested solutions.
Observer and practician of ideas, I take the companies needs and transform them into major improvements.
My main stack is Ruby/Ruby on Rails, although I also used Python on top of Django, Groovy (Java) as was required by the client.
I worked with Ruby on Rails 3, 4, 5 and now 6, and personally upgraded a Majestic Monolith through all mentioned versions.
I am comfortable going through the full stack of an application, hence the Full-Stack Developer title.
I can assist both on the Back-end side (DB, REST API, clean code, domain logic, best practices, architecture), but also on the Front-end side (HTML, CSS, Javascript, building a beautiful app for browsers of all devices).
Main strength are my curiosity, drive and grit.
I use various tools to get things done.
Think: requirements gathering morphed into TDD/BDD, various UML diagrams to discuss sketches/pseudocode with the client, thorough analysis in coming up with an optimal solution fitting nicely into the current architecture, backed by test cases.
If the app should communicate via REST/SOAP, I can use tools like Postman/SoapUI/Swagger to interact/build API documentation.
In the end, I strive to get the client happy not only for the things that are asked, but also to help build a better future (for the client, and if possible the market).


Working alongside a [agile preferably] team, solving complex technical challenges.
I am also looking forward to having discussions with any employee from given company, as sometimes requirements have to be gathered across multiple teams, or solutions have to be shared across various peers.
My main desire is to work with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, however I do not shy away from other Programming languages/frameworks.
I am aware/encourage this kind of diversification when there's a need for it.
Preferably, the role would be Back-end specific, but I am perfectly fine engaging in a Full-stack/Devops way.

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**0,000 EUR / year

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Total Professional Experience

8 years

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no experience

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no experience

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8 years
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