Senior PHP Developer


PHP developer with backend focus and more than 10 years of experience in developing web applications for various purposes.
Primary tech stack includes: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML.
Tools and environments used: Git, Docker, Composer, PHPUnit, Prophecy, Behat.
Frameworks and CMS I have experience in: Symfony, Laravel, Laminas (Zend), Moodle.
(!) Ability to write framework-agnostic PHP code with clean architecture.
Huge interest in Domain-Driven Design, Behavior-Driven Development, Test-Driven Development and hexagonal architecture applied to web apps. Experience in applying DDD, BDD and TDD in web apps development.
As a PHP developer I'm enthusiastic about having a clean web software architecture with PHP. This implies development of robust, extensible, testable and supportable web applications with PHP which I'm mastering through my developer career every day and in every project.


New challenges, new approaches and technology to be learnt, ability to influence the design patterns and architecture approaches adopted on the project.

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12 years

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4 years

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