Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer


I spent over a decade at a small company leading their wake word efforts, followed by 2.5 years in a FAANG company leading their speaker identification efforts. In the former, we started with a market need and developed it into set of patented algorithms that powered the wake words in over 2 billion devices. In the latter, we developed a SOTA speaker identification system and supported around a dozen projects using it for research, experimentation, or product development.


I enjoy working deeply on developing performant AI systems, both in terms of accuracy and resource constraints. The more quirky and less "solved" the problem is, the more fun it is.
I also enjoy leading an effort. Figuring out where we are trying to get to, how to hone and communicate that vision, rally people to it, and especially reach a shared understanding from very diverse perspectives is interesting in its own right. I wouldn't want to exclusively do this, but both leading the technology and carving out its space within a company adds a very satisfying dimension to a project.

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30 years

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2 years

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