Senior Data Analyst


DATA ANALYST with progressive professional experience providing unique data solutions to deliver actionable insights, dashboards, and analyses.
* Utilize Python to build custom modules + write, execute, maintain DAGs using Apache Airflow and Github.
* Build critical data pipelines using ETL: Extract with JSON, Transform with SQL & Python, Load with Github & Airflow into BigQuery.
* Create intuitive, UX friendly reports and dashboards in Data Studio + Sisense to empower Operations teams with KPI monitoring and real-time alerts.
* Deliver successful projects providing savings for the business, including: Mass report migration from Redshift to BigQuery, Automation of month-end Logistics processes, FedEx shipping expense negotiation.
* Complete deep dive analysis, including: Transit Times, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter / Detractor Score (NPS / NDS), Late holiday shipments.
* Value adds: Coordinate co-workers to volunteer, frequent attendee and contributor to office events, brew office coffee daily with brew haiku sticky notes to inspire and delight.


1. Serve as a "service organization within the organization" to build / maintain / improve a legacy Data Analytics platform.
2. To work with, learn from, and empower incredible people.
3. To channel my energy and career path to help make the world a better place.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**0,000 USD

Expected Hourly Rate

** USD/hr

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

23 years

Startup Experience

8 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

8 years
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