Senior Consultant


Strategy Manager, Project Management Office, CARE USA
Managed and coordinated operations for a fast paced, agile 4-year strategy development process, partnering and working cross functionally with leadership and internal stakeholders, to lead an inclusive process for 6000+ global staff members, leading to development of a new strategic framework.
Facilitated discovery and sprint team sessions; conducted business analysis to build data driven recommendations; partnered with leadership to prioritize and focus- leading to 3 key strategic pillars and 9 strategic initiatives towards impact goals for 200mm+ people and $900mm+ in annual revenue.
Partnered with leadership to develop outcomes and goals underlying the strategy, four-year roadmaps and annual canvases, streamlined and cross-functional performance metrics, and an organizational dashboard with key performance indicators, ensuring leadership alignment, ownership, and accountability and space for data driven decision making.
Led the development and implementation of a plan to motivate and manage change management and with the new strategy-- including strategic communications, strategic learning sessions with subject matter experts, building brand-aligned product positioning-- ensuring organizational buy-in and alignment.
Lead operations and logistics manager for Board of Directors related tasks on behalf of CEO and org leadership, focusing on streamlining and process improvement, increasing efficiency by 10%, and strengthening confidence, especially with crisis management and communications during COVID-19, leading to the approval of a growth budget for FY21.
Led deployment and managed setup of the first cloud-based platform, after conducting market research, building a business case and proposal for investment, increasing process efficiency by 40%.
Performed data migration, platform launch, and onboarding of 50+ executive team members and board members leading to smooth transition and keeping up to date with best practices


Looking to land a role at the senior conosultant/manager in the strategy, operations, change management, or communications fields at a management consulting firm to help strengthen my career and meet new challenges and opportunities for growth.

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**,000 USD

Academic Degree

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6 years
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