Senior Analyst


Throughout my professional career, I have gained valuable experience and achieved significant accomplishments. As a Growth Analyst at a company based in New York, I played a crucial role in driving significant savings in marketing vendor contracts. By conducting break-even analyses and negotiating with external partners, I successfully drove $3 million in savings for the company.

Managing a monthly marketing budget of $2 million, I provided accurate lead volume forecasts that directly impacted the company's sales staffing decisions on a monthly basis. By analyzing campaign performances and implementing A/B testing strategies, I optimized lead volume and down-funnel conversion rates. This resulted in a 30% higher return on investment (ROI) and increased customer engagement for the company.

Leveraging test pilot data, I was able to forecast the viability of a $2 million marketing deal. Through a persuasive presentation, I successfully convinced the company's leadership of the deal's merits, ultimately ensuring successful campaign outcomes. Additionally, I conducted extensive research and analysis to identify profitable channels for the company, leading to increased revenue and growth.

To monitor the performance of various marketing channels, I built dashboards and established key performance indicators (KPIs). Furthermore, I trained an off-shore team to compile essential takeaways and present them to the company's leadership. In my role, I also took charge of developing and executing marketing strategies for the company's insurance and HELOC products.

Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered outstanding results, implemented effective strategies, and demonstrated my expertise in analytics, negotiation, and project management. My ability to drive savings, optimize campaign performance, and identify profitable channels has contributed significantly to the success of the companies I have worked for.

I have presented to the C-suite regularly, providing comprehensive updates on performance, optimizations, and new marketing opportunities. By effectively communicating insights and recommendations, I have contributed to informed decision-making at the highest level of the organization.

In summary, my professional background showcases a track record of driving savings, optimizing marketing performance, and achieving exceptional results. Through my expertise in analytics, negotiation, and project management, I have consistently delivered value to the companies I have worked for. I am confident that my skills and achievements make me a valuable asset in any professional setting.


I am driven by a deep sense of curiosity and the desire for personal and professional satisfaction. I believe that true growth comes from pushing beyond our limits and embracing new challenges. In my next role, I am seeking exactly thatan opportunity that will challenge me and allow me to expand my skillset.

Additionally, I aspire to take on a leadership position where I can manage and mentor a team of individual contributors. Guiding others to reach their full potential is something I find immensely fulfilling. By combining my passion for growth and my leadership abilities, I aim to create a positive impact not only in my own development but also in the development of those around me.

Employment Preferences
  • New York City, New York, United States
  • Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
  • California, United States
  • Seattle, Washington, United States
  • United States
Expected Base Salary

**5,000 USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

5 years

Startup Experience

1 year

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

4 years
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