Science Data Researcher


I am a researcher that is passionate about researching various data that accounts for my field of interest.
I guarantee my research to be done in m own personal way to make sure NO PLAGIARISM is done. My sources will be posted at every end of the page depending on if it is desired or not.
I DO NOT CLAIM PROFESSIONAL WORK. But I will deliver a research paper that will be considered satisfactory with no details missed.
ALL MY RESEARCH WILL BE BASED ON THE GIVEN INFORMATION, I CAN NOT GUARANTEE 100% ACCURACY BUT IT WILL ALL BE 100% FACTS. Again, all my research will be based on the given information. I will make it as much detailed work as I can be.


SPECIFIED DETAILS OF THE TASK - so there will be no miscommunication.
OPEN FOR CLARFICATIONS - Open for additional details about the task, no personal or confidential information will be necessary because all that will be needed is clarifications.

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1 year
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