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In the B2B SaaS world, the chances that customers will always come back on their own to do business with you is very slim. You most certainly need an expert in Customer Success to make this happen. I am a Customer Success expert, whose focus is on:
1. Identifying fit customers for SaaS products.
2. Aligning with sales & marketing to convert fit customers.
3. Optimizing the customer's journey through onboarding, adoption, upselling and renewal.
I have spent 4 years plus working in multiple customer-facing roles. You can read more about my experience from my resume which I have attached here. I have also pulled out some relevant points:
I ran campaign ads online and offline to attract potential customers. This grew the companys customer base by 80% within the first 6 months.
I conducted 400 plus product demo/training online/offline.
I achieved a product adoption rate of 86% with customers.
I continuously improved customer experience and satisfaction based on customers feedback. This enabled me to grow the company's customer base by 20% every 3 months.
Although Customer success is revenue driven, I always apply the "human-first" approach throughout my entire interactions with customers. I also enjoy working with data to predict and avoid customer's challenges.


I want a role that will improve my current skills. Specifically through:
-Listening and implementing my ideas
- learning from team mates
-provsion of resources for learning

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

4 years

Startup Experience

4 years
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