Robot Design And Manipulation, Mechanical Design, Automation And Vision Processing Systems


Imperial College London (MSc) - Applied Machine Learning 2021 2022
Relevant modules include - Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Applied Machine Learning (Lab & individual project), Artificial Intelligence, Adaptive Signal Processing and Machine Intelligence, Digital Image Processing, Human-Centred Robotics, Speech Processing and Computer Vision
University of Sheffield BEng (Hons) - Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering
(First-Class Honours) 2018 2021
Relevant modules include - System Engineering & Software, Modelling, Analysis and Control, Digital and Embedded systems, Digital Signal Processing, State-Space Control Design, Intelligent systems, Manufacturing systems, Biomechatronic, Robotics, Machine Learning
Identified needs and delivered 3D models and control systems for a robotic machine project. The components of the machine model were built with Solidworks and Fusion 360
Demonstrated and instructed teammates of the joint relationship and movement of the robot arm and sorting machine before building. Implemented a coloured object detection program with OpenCV for the sorting system
Analysed and developed a cube manufacturing pipeline in ROS (structure, packages, and communication to central system) and demonstrated the whole process in V-REP (3D manufacturing simulation)
Investigated and produced Machine Learning pipelines for forecasting weather in Australia and predict energy usage and price of five cities from Spain
The Machine Learning pipeline includes feature engineering according to features correlation and domain analysis and using models such as linear regression and random forests to predict the result and conclude with written reports
Underwater Robotic Projects (International Competition) Oct 2018 Jun 2021
Represented the UK as part of a team and completed the competition in the USA
Evaluated and developed an underwater robot with engineer team members in other fields to finish underwater tasks like picking up cannon and replacing broken screen underwater
Delivered 3D design with SolidWorks and produced the components for a robot with Fusion
Analysed and improved the usability and ruggedness of the component by redesigning through SolidWorks and using Fusion 360 with CNC machining raw material
Completed a PCB design with KiCad for the underwater robot control box. The PCB is used to receive the signals from joysticks and buttons, and return signals to the processing unit
Discussed further robotic designing language and obtained reasonable designs by communicating with other team members and work successfully in a multidisciplinary team
MarsWorks Oct 2020 Jun 2021
A student-led project building a Mars Rover for international competition
Participated and accomplished a machine learning pipeline for cache recognition, object distance finder with a depth camera, autoencoder, support vector machine and local to global coordinate converter
Presented and demonstrated the cache distance convert software to the teammates
Global Engineering Challenge (GEC) March 2019
Collaborated and investigated the needs with other factory engineers to deliver a design of a smart greenhouse suitable for developing places like Tamil Nadu, India
Analysed and identified the main stakeholders and designed SMART question for the topic evaluated using PESTLE Analysis
Set up goals and distributed workload across the team, maintained the team to stay on track
Established connection and promoted discussion across students and alumni from university


Keen on robot design and manipulation, mechanical design, automation and vision processing systems. Familiar with using Solidworks to design mechanical equipment and robots, and perform ROS automation programming and operation simulation on them. Familiar with factory production line design and ways to improve its production efficiency. In universities, different machines are used to process parts for robots, including laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, CNC machine tools and 3D printers. I am deeply interested in machine learning algorithms and visual processing systems. I will take relevant online courses and exercises on my own, and use his algorithms in personal projects. I am looking forward to the master degree in Applied Machine Learning. I hope I can play my strengths and become an R&D engineer in the future!

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