Recruiting Coordinator


While working in higher education, I helped transform the lives of countless graduating high school students to pursue their dreams of becoming college-educated. With a specific focus on historically underrepresented students, I was engulfed in the tireless work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am enthused, both in and out of professional settings, about creating safe environments for courageous conversations and advocating for necessary institutional changes. I am approachable, and resilient, and decided to take a leap of faith to make a career change. I now work as a Recruiting Coordinator for PayPal and have been enjoying tackling new challenges and embracing the humility it requires to try something new.


As I take on a new role, I expect to be listened to and valued as a member of the organization. I have great ideas, I own my mistakes, and I enjoy helping others. I also want to be considered for projects outside of my daily duties to assist with personal and professional development. One of my favorite quotes states, "it's easier to keep good people than to find good people." I would hope that a future employer finds enough value in me and my work to want to keep me the same way I am hoping to expand and experience longevity with a company.

Employment Preferences
  • United States
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD

Expected Hourly Rate

** USD/hr

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

7 years
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