Project manager


-Management of performance along departments and minimise risk factors in operation to ensure profitability and customer retention.
Drive operational excellence.
Coordinating the order and delivery of materials to job sites and check truck and
trailer information.
Manage internal and external operational requirements.
Oversee and improve deliverables using relevant tools and report out project and
operation status to CEO and stakeholders.
Lead and deliver operations main projects and initiatives with cross-functional
Facilitate operational scope, goals and deliverables.
Become connecting link between operational, project teams and cross-functional
Oversee customers and stakeholders relationship and communication.
Manage and oversee regional office managers and provide assistance where
Submit monthly and weekly KPI reports and identify trends to assist the organization
manage expectations.
Manage inventory/stock levels according to LIFO FIFO standards.
Facilitating site, train warehouse staff, including hiring, scheduling, and performance
management, in compliance with food safety standards.
Tracking company resource usage
Meet with top management to plan strategically and take ownership of regional
strategic projects.
Implement operational plans and implement standard operating procedures SOPs)
Ensuring service levels comply with regulatory, quality standards and client
Manage fleet and ensure licenses are up to date.
Liaison, oversee and drive SLA for regional customers.
Dispatching subcontractors and equipment, measuring and managing client
Oversee legislative implementation to ensure health and safety in the workplace.
Coordinating equipment maintenance and check truck and trailer information.

Implementation of supply chain, demand, logistics, production and operation policies, and ensure company adheres to SLA agreements
Evaluate and analyse data, manage processes and asset/inventory flow.
Assist with implementing new and better operation systems.
Provide report on demand variances, make necessary recommendations to
resolve discrepancies and monitoring the status of incoming shipments.
Monitoring and supervising of staff issues and oversee departmental
Coordinate the implementation of programmes and projects. Resolve any
Management of performance along departments and minimise risk factors in
operation to ensure profitability and customer retention.
Take part in companys strategic planning, supplement supply chain key responsibilities (Making changes to the existing SOPs). Develop, enhance and implement policies and processes relevant warehouse operations.
Conduct the evaluation and compliance of vendor's/suppliers performance
Develop and maintain positive working relationships with employees, vendors, and
other stakeholders in compliance with food safety standards.
Processing of information using various information systems and Liaison with internal
and external stakeholders.
Prepares labor recovery & overtime reports (reports and paperwork).
Implementation of supply chain, logistics, production and operation policies.
Investigation of incidents and adherence to IR standards.
Evaluates and analyse data, processes and asset/inventory flow.
Identify and report discrepancies and provide root cause analysis.
Monitor STOCK TAKE with manual and system books,
Analyse production lead times, Consult with relevant stakeholders to gain
understanding of their requirements for the different departments (inbound, outbound
and production departments).
Manage accurate records of inventory and warehouse transactions in compliance with food safety standards
Monitor code dates of stock.
Investigate sinbin, old put away and old abandoned pallets.
Analyse integrity reports.
Conduct vendor returns.
Monitor data capturing and verification during stock take.
Conduct inventory systematic movements and checks shop 14.

Running hourly performance report
Checking and resolving let downs.
Moving add locations
Creating of manual books for stock taking.
Running ARDAA, receipt to put away, Turn-around time and COGNOS reports.
Printing shift schedules
Overseeing that the correct loading and offloading of trucks and trailors.
Overseeing Merging and consolidation of loads.
Assist capture equipment used by dispatchers.
Controlling of the dispatch bag before handing over to transportation.
Freight forwarding and monitoring.
Adhere to accounting and budget procedures and control expenditures where appropriate.
Execute job costing and work in progress.
Oversee administrative financial -year-end activities and responding to audit
queries to ensure a clean audit.
Monitor & control petty cash/supplier payments
Provides sales & product support administration.
Process customer payments.
Run daily shrinkage and mark out reports to evaluate gains and losses.


-To work in an environment that challenges me to improve and constantly thrive for perfection in all the tasks allocated to me so that I can be able to showcase my Business and logistics Management skills.

Employment Preferences
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

7 years
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