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Im currently an Associate Product Manager who has outgrown their role. In just a year Ive led 4 different teams (DevOps, Frontend, Backend, and Infrastructure). I currently own an internal tool which is used by over 100 users, and utilize their feedback to prioritize build across 2 scrum teams (frontend and backend). I also manage an offshore Kanban team that I created in order to offload infrastructure-related build from developer scrum teams. This idea has saved talented (and expensive) engineers hundreds of hours already.
Additionally, I serve as the initiative owner for several technical projects, which involves coordinating with stakeholders including product, engineering, marketing, legal, compliance, design, and more. Each initiative requires a unique approach to define metrics of success, keep stakeholders informed, and deliver build across teams.
After my workdays full of meetings, I spend time applying my Computer Engineering degree by developing Python scripts to improve quality of life for stakeholders, product managers, and engineers. Ive shipped a couple of these side-projects that have noticeably increased visibility of data, improved the quality of documentation, and automated tedious processes in order to maximize time-efficiency.
Im a problem solver by nature, and have an obsession with figuring out why we do things the way we do. If you are looking for someone who lives to identify problems and execute on a strategy to fix them, hit me up.


I expect to work for a company that has trust in their Product Managers and Engineers. A company that is data-driven and prioritizes customer outcomes over engineering output. In summary, I wish to solve real-world problems with creative, data-driven solutions.

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2 years

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1 year

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2 years
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