Dedicated Applied Statistician and self-motivated Ph.D. in Mathematics with more than 7 years of innovative research experience with demonstrated success in solving complex problems and more than 4 years of well-developed working experience in industrial segments. Certified in Applied Management Principles (AMP) with proven leadership-oriented abilities and 3 years of extensive experience in team building & management, decision-making, and public speaking & presentations. Aera of Expertise include:
Data assessment for quality measures such as completeness, accuracy, and applicability
Data Management using SQL
Quantification Statistical Data Analysis using SAS & R Statistical Visualization using R & Tableau
Statistical Machine Learning & Bias-Variance tradeoff Asymptotic & Cross-Validation optimization techniques
Cluster Sampling Parametric and Non-parametric Kernel Density Estimations methods
Foliage classification of LiDAR point cloud data Dynamic Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
Dynamic Computed Tomography Radon, X- & Light-Ray transforms, Partial Differential Equations
Biharmonic/Schrödinger equations Reconstruction of potential/magnetic fields utilizing scattering amplitudes
Wave propagation Landweber Iterative Image Reconstruction technique
Fourier Spectral Analysis and FFT-based Signal Analysis
Smart Structures & Non-Linear Vibration
Thermal stress management of engineered multilayered structures Sensitivity Analysis
Time-frequency Analysis of the dynamical behavior of Real-Time Hybrid Structures.
Nonlinear Normal Modal in vibrating systems and formulation of the solution of equations of motion
Cyber-physical smart structures and identification of the stability switch moment, MatLab Simulations


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