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I am an Oracle-certified Java Developer with a comprehensive understanding of the full development stack, from Angular user interfaces to back-end Spring Boot applications integrated with Oracle and MongoDB databases. Moreover, I'm a trained communicator (I used to teach for a living). These skills are highly useful for creating tool documentation and for sharing the features of my programs with other teams and customers. I've routinely had the opportunity to give demos and write tutorials to help teams understand our software tools. I've also frequently been brought in to help developers from other language backgrounds get an understanding of our Java applications.


As a graduate student, I am looking for part-time remote programming positions, though I am willing to discuss full-time remote positions that allow me to set my own hours. My preference is to work with Java/Spring Boot and Angular applications, but I am a fast learner and able to pick up other languages/frameworks as work requires.

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**,000 USD

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2 years
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