Operations Management


Co-Founder of Patent Pending Solutions provides chemical free solutions, which allows a cost savings to our clients in wastewater treatment, mud enhancement and polymer hydration.
Developer of Natural Gas conditioning skid that conditioned field gas for use in turbine powered engines and gensets.
Holder of 1 patent pending process utilizing advanced chemical free oxidation.
Holder of 1 patent pending equipment patent in use of advanced oxidation that develop hydroxyl radical and free chlorine production.
Patent holder of Extraction Technology that offers our customers a clean and environmentally friendly method of extracting CBD and THC. Our clean extraction solution uses water, non-thermal low pressure, and energy wave technology to produce superior yields in minutes instead of hours. The energy waves also create nano-sized emulsions, which are used for improving the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Excellent in identifying and creating strategic sales and operations personal creating self-awareness of what picked team can do.
Excellent P&L manger with over 18 years of P&L management and responsibility in the ranges from 30M to 100M in annual sales and revenues.
1st to develop Turbine Frac equipment utilizing 100% field gas in Frac operations.
Developer of Dry of the fly Hydration solutions using EOR polymers


Technology driven company that has the desire to development new and innovative technologies.

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